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Welcome to this space where I share some of my arbitrary thoughts

영원한 건 없지만

Photo by Zarah V. Windh on Unsplash

Good things do not last, in fact, nothing lasts forever (just like Roy Kim sang— 영원한 건 없지만 — Yeongwonhan geon eobtjiman). Absolutely nothing. I dare you to mention a thing that won’t perish someday.

All things come to an end. The sky is blue. The stars are shiny. All…

The pros and cons of competitive programming

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash


Competitive programming is a mind sport and has been around for several decades. With the rise of the internet, hosting contests has become even easier. That being said, some people argue about the relevance of this type of sport and hold the…

Ummul Khair

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